Day Two

Wednesday 30th July, 2014

8.15 Registration and Networking

8.45 Chair’s Opening Remarks and Recap from Day 1

Nils Cohrs
Mature Field Specialist


9.00 From Concept to Execution: Guarantee a Planned Investment Return by Considering EOR and Production Enhancement From Day 1

  • How the strategic focus in operating assets is changing the economic value in Cairn India’s ageing portfolio
  • How Cairn India are increasing ultimate recovery with the largest chemical polymer project in the world
  • Maximising return on investment with longer term development strategy

Jayant Sethi
Head of EOR
Cairn India

9.20 Improve the Economics of Mature Fields with Fit for Purpose Technology: The Development and Deployment of Low Cost EOR

  • An appreciation of why recovery is low and what it takes to increase it
  • A new low cost option to improve the pores scale displacement of waterflood (from lab to inter-well field trial to actual deployment)
  • Deployment examples of a new low cost technology to improve waterflood  sweep 

Shraddha Shekar
Pushing Reservoir Limits ™ Specialist

9.40 Q&A - Jayant and Shraddha

Question Jayant and Shraddha on their presentations to make sure you have the tools to take back and implement as part of your optimized development strategy

10.20 Networking and Refreshments

10.50 Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in Mature Field Development – Right Weapon Selection for Each Different Target

  • Understand the reservoir and potential problem is the key for gun/technique selection
  • A proper technique selection is the key to improve the return on investment
  • Close execution and result follow up for advance in learning curve

Ricardo Melo
Global Production Enhancement Advisor

11.10 Best Practices and Technology Transfer in Austria And What You Can Learn From Them.

  • Transfer of Operational Knowledge across silos to create operational value
  • Promoting synergies within the organisation for maximum recovery at minimum cost
  • How technology transfer is ensuring ROI at OMV E&P 

Saša Blažeković
Regional Manager, Austria

Q&A - Question Ricardo and Sasa on thier presentations to makre sure you have the tools to take back and implement as part of your optimised development strategy.

12.00 Networking Lunch

1.00 The Next Steps in Mature Field Technology: Looking Towards Game-Changing Approaches that Will Increase Production and Drive Mature Field Strategy

  • Evaluating the latest technologies from day 1 as part of a more forward thinking development strategy
  • Move away from the cut and paste method: applying the right technology for long term mature field success
  • Developing a mature field strategy that will enable future technologies to be easily applied

David Riddell
Technology Manager
ITF Energy

1.30 Mature Oil & Gas Production Facilities: Replace or Upgrade?

  • Key factors to take into account when looking at mature field production facilities
  • Best practice in cost effectively managing your facilities over the long term
  • Ensure optimal economics with a blueprint for successful facility cost value analysis

Sib Akhtar
Technical Director

2.00 Networking and Refreshments

2.30 Mature Field Strrategy Incubator Develop a Roadmap ffor Mature Field Development Success in your Company: Tackling the Future Together - Understanding the Concerns and Objectives of All Stakeholders in the Development of Mature Fields.

Mature field strategy incubator sessions provide attendees withthe opportunity to address their own company’s specific maturefield challenges in an interactive context designed to help develop apractical blueprint for implementation success.

The highly focused and interactive environment allows your issues tobe discussed in more detail than in the main conference. Come andshare your challenges, opinions and perspectives with your peersand walk away with a mature field road map you can use to ensureyou can drive change as soon as you return to the office.

This Strategy Incubator will address:

  • Critical success factors for successfully managing a mature assetportfolio and achieving long term economic results
  • Practical cross sector experiences of what’s worked, what’s notand what’s needed to succeed
  • How you can develop your own roadmap for developing an optimalmature field development strategyYou will leave able to:
  • Develop an improvement plan to optimise long-term productionand profitability
  • Maximise productivity to maximise ROI and change the economicproposition of your mature fields
  • Define the most crucial elements of an effective mature fielddevelopment strategy for implementation within your organisation

Leo Sayavedra
Global Head of Mature Fields Consulting

Leo has almost 20 years in oil and gas,management and technology consulting,and is responsible for framing andexecuting both operational improvementand large-scale technology projects.He practices extensive organizational,business and project leadership inplanning optimization, capital efficiency,cost control, increased recovery methods,mature asset operations improvement anddigital oilfield technology management.

4.30 Closing Question and Answer Session

4.45 Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Nils Cohrs
Mature Field Specialist